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White Fang - The Bong Interview Part 2 (english)

Version française ici.

Here is the second part of our date with White Fang. If you miss the first part, click here.

For information, White Fang is currently touring Europe, so don’t miss them! And their last album, « Chunks » came out few months ago via Burger Records.

x You describe White Fang like that "It is about partying and being wild and free."

Rikky: We take ourselves seriously but we don’t think ourselves too seriously. We pay our manager, we book tours, we’re not just puking on the floor and falling down the stairs or whatever. Ok, we do that too. But there is something missing with formal rock music or guitar music.

x What do you mean ?

R : For long I most listen to rap music and dance music, even if there are a lot of guitar bands I love, but there is so few these days because it’s just serious job right now. Like Pitchfork kind of talk “this guy wrote the greatest song of this generation, it blows my mind and I feel the emotion of all of what I lost when I lost you…” What a fuck ?!
 What happened to stuff like Twisted Sisters, Mötley Crüe - Girls Girls Girls, Poison, Unskinny bop bop!!! Where are the fun and shows like that anymore?
The fun bands are good too !
We take ourselves seriously because we wanna be good, and not waste people’s time.
We don’t wanna be the guys on leather jackets with haircuts, real skinny, really cool all the time, “I got to do it cool like Joy Division , Marc Bolan, 60’s stuff “ or whatever your fucking trip is.
I’m in the living right now. I don’t like to live in the past.
I think a lot of rock music is nostalgian. People try to get really inspired by something which was really cool and wanted to be part of it so bad that they tell themselves that they are part of it…

x So your way of seeing your music?

R : Just not being one facet. It’s important. We can’t stand to only one thing. And I like music so I want to make that on my own and don’t limit myself to anything.
If you really like music, if you wanna give it to the audience, it’s not one genre, it’s all music you should check out. Even if you don’t like, listen to it again in another year, you’ll hear it totally differently.

I listened to Britney Spears, on a regular, then I switched, to… Slayer, then switch, to Ween, then Young Thug etc… I like everything. A lot of people in this rock genres, have a uniform, a look, like a goth, a punk rocker, a metal guy, and the music is like that too, but it’ s an accessory to the look, like a bracelet or a necklace to their fashion that they already have. And the music is really not the most important thing for them.

Funkle : I think people are really self-conscious about looking stupid, and that’s the big part of it, like walking in the street and for every steps thinking “Am I doing the right thing, Am I fitting in, Am I fitting in …” No time in life for that!

R : Then you look at yourself on your deathbed thinking “I did all that shit wrong”… My first personal philosophy is just : live your life in the moment but do it in a way, that you have your quiet time, the moments when you meditate, you set yourself goals, limits for yourself, and with that just go for it, don’t think about anything, follow your instinct. But if you set yourself up to be a good person, you’re not gonna fuck around anybody.

But concerning music, I’m excited because things are so good now but I think the best shit still gets to come. A lot of young people are gonna have really cool stuff soon.
And I believe in songwriting. I think the main thing is rock music will maybe make people think about lyrics again, in a way. But who knows, I dunno about anything, I just smoke weed.

x Are you afraid of all that Trump stuff in the US ?

R : Mmm, no, I think that whoever is gonna win, some already did decide that shit, it’s like WWF. But I think there is nothing to be scared of.
F : I think the future looks dark in a lot of ways but that has nothing to do with stupid ass Trump or anybody.
R : The real problem is the wealth of people, the repression and weakness.
F : And just the evil twisted corporations that rule this world.
R : The banks choose the president already.
F : And if being a president has really something to do…
R : It’s all distractions.
We were in Brazil a few weeks ago and they dismissed the president there, it was crazy, there were riots in the streets etc… Right now there is a temporary ban on Whatsapp… They spent all their government money on the fucking Olympics and there are some bridges which are falling apart etc… They want you to think about Donald Trump, they don’t want you to think about what’s really happening like people dying or in the bind because government messed something up... Trump is not really the big problem, the big problem is people following the Trump. It’s just like American Idol, in real life. That’s so scary.

x Can you say some stuff about your other projects and their evolution ? Unkle Funkle, Free Weed, Jerry Rogers, The Memories

R : For White Fang, we’re keeping the idea of being dumb but also making it matter too. Our next album / songs we are writing right now are just as stupid but more political. More about, about… it will make sense when you’ll read the lyrics… but about growing up in a box and getting out of it, about the right to choose…
All this fucked up shit which is going on the world, I know it, but I’m in a van with my band getting drunk with my fat belly. So like the duality of everything and going deeper into that and about that there is a reason behind our stupidity, there is a method. That’s like the nature of White Fang.

The Memories is pretty open. We’re gonna get more and more jamming. We’re gonna learn a bunch of the songs from our previous records that we never played live, and become more like Grateful Dead vibe, not in terms of music but getting more... free.

And Free Weed, I’m writing more dance music about sex. And sexual repression, how it creates deviance and how sexual freedom is a good thing.

F : Unkle Funkle : I just put out my newest record so I’m kind of free to take it into a next artistic direction. I’ve been edging with the idea or directing a band and having more and more sorts of approach to my composition and direction.
If you look on almost all my released material, it’s like all dance music. That’s a direction I’ve kind of moved slowly towards. And I want to write music for other artists as well, so production and writing for other artists in LA and around. And I have a new project with Colleen Green, a collabo, which will be very dancy.

J : Jerry Rogers : I’m working on finishing up writing my new album. I wanna do a kind of hippie thing. Songs are pretty simple, about anything, like me being stuck on an island etc… that will be coming up by the end of the summer.

x By the way, did you smoke weed with Justin Bieber ?

R : Nooo, I didn’t even talk to him, unfortunately.
J : My friend pissed next to him.
R : There was, like, little baby dick ?

x Bonus Free Weed :

Rikky : In Amsterdam, I tried the most expensive weeds in almost all of the coffee shops and there were not one, which was even close to the one from LA, even if it’s still good there.
In LA it came to the point that it is a big money thing, a big industry. They have crazy scientists, they always try to be the best as there is a lot of money going on there. In a lot of places they have to legally tell you how much THC percent there is in it, and it is like 25, 28%, and in general for around 10 dollars a gram and it the best shit. And for High Times magazine ranking, all the winners of the best weed, it’s always either Los Angeles or Oregon, CA. Like Holland never won anything. Maybe there are good stuff in Holland but more in the suburbs and smaller shops, the tourist places purposely don’t have the strong stuff cause they don’t want to be embarrassed by like tourists being all fucked up.


Thanks to White Fang, for their kindness and viral good mood. 
Go and see them during their tour and on the web, you can read again the first part of the interview here.
Thanks also to Wild Wax Shows and Dolphin Lovers

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White Fang - The Bong Interview Part 1 (english)

Version française ici

White Fang is a band of buddies based in Los Angeles, where the action is right now.
Behind their freaky look, Rikky, Funkle, Jimmy and Izak, are concealing a fascinating artistic frenzy, for which we’ll probably never grasp the limits.
Indeed White Fang, which already released many brilliant records, is only one side of their numerous activities and projects.

At the core, stands Gnar Tapes. This cassette label they created together is kind of a laboratory of all their craziness. We could sum up their work as an absolute pop way of thinking. Each member has one or several projects: White Fang for the fat and explosive retarded rock and roll, The Memories, for the love songs which go straight to the heart, Free Weed, Rikky’s incarnation and his dancy rhymes about sex and smoke, Unkle Funkle and his unclassifiable dance music, Jerry Rogers and his touching lo-fi pop, Skinny Jesus and his screwy trap music etc…. All of that is gathered on the recurrent theme: partying, having good time, smoke as much as weed as possible.

It maybe sounds like a cliché but that how it is. These west coast dadaists, are true and uncompromising, with one motivation only : playing good music, have fun and make stunning shows.

Because who never saw White Fang live, will never understand. As some gloominess foes, super performers, they bring every time the audience in their hilarious and absurd deliriums, most of which happen half naked, and bang their hits full speed (Bud Light, Bong Rip, Bad Boy …), and it definitely works! This is a pure american entertainment they handle so perfectly, that it's fascinating. 
Especially as they have a gift for songwriting. Anywhere they will go, we’ll follow.

We met them before their hamburger show for which they shocked the Molotow. Actually it was pretty obvious when you had a look at their tour rider requests: HOSPITALITY RIDER WEED BOOZE SNACKS TOBACCO SOCKS UNDERWEAR TOWELS WATER CANDY CONDOMS TOYS/GAMES DRUGS

We also thank the great locals Dolphin Lovers who prepared the audience before the storm and Wild Wax Show for putting up this great show.

For information, White Fang is currently touring Europe, so don’t miss them! And their last album, « Chunks » came out few months ago via Burger Records.

x Well arrived in Europe ?

Rikky : Yes, this is our third time here, the second for White Fang, and we’ve been there last year with The Memories.

I’m anticipating : having a lot of sex, that’s one of my main goals, meeting ladies, trying to stay stone, as best as I can, even though in a lot of places we’re going to, it’s gonna be pretty hard for that. And first and for most, spanking ass on stage every night and getting that crowd look at the Fangs and say « What the fuck is that thing ! ».

x You’re all from Portland ?

R : Yes, we all grew up together there, from when we were little kids then we all moved together in LA two and a half year ago.
Portland was changing, getting more expensive, and the other thing is we were 25 years old, still in our hometown. We got out at the right time, everything was getting really good. It was a bit like playing the poker game, alright, we won, we’re out!
We said let’s go to a big city, it’s gonna be bullshit everywhere. But somewhere where we could smoke weed and chill, so not like NYC, where everything is expensive.
In LA, we are not too far from home, our friends Burger Records are there… And also, we were coming to LA every month to play, we were never playing in Portland, so had to go to LA it’s like 15 hours to get money to pay the rent, we were like “Why don’t we just move there?”.

Finally, Bobby Harlow (The Go) was opening his recording studio, Studio B and he wanted to record White Fang… Then Bobby moved and we took the studio, which is now Studio G, and this is where we live and all work together. We were borderline homeless when we moved there, we were having sex with these girls that let us stay at their house basically.

x So you recorded your last album, Chunks with Bobby Harlow (from cults The Go):

R : Yes it was Bobby’s idea, we’re proud of that. The next one will be probably produced by him too even though if he’d read that he’ll say « What are you talking about ? ».
But I’m pretty sure he’ll do it! We’ll probably do a whole demo version first and then if he doesn’t produce it, we’ll get like much bigger, like Butch Vig. « Butch listen up man, The Fangs want you to do the job, let’s do this, either you or Bobby. »

x As a lot of your releases, it was put by Burger Records, with whom you are close to?

R : We knew them for a while, through our label Gnar Tapes, so that was the connection. Plus they got interested in our bands The Memories, Unkle Funkle, White Fang, Free Weed, and put out tapes of that.
It really brought us so many fans, like when we came to do shows, all the kids who love Burger Records, they got to know our bands.
We became friends over the years, then after we moved at the studio, we had this building and were like, « I wanna do a store, do you guys wanna do a store ? » They were like, « Wow that’s crazy, another store, it’s a lot of work, do you guys know where you get yourselves into ? » We were like, not really, but pretty much. »
Now it's been almost a year that the Gnar Burger is open every day.

x Is Los Angeles your HQ now ?

R : Yes. And our neighborhood is fucking where everybody lives. Like our merch guy, Davy, lives with Danny from Together Pangea, also with Lukas who plays in The Memories. I use their shower because I don’t have any in the studio…
And within 2,3 miles, you got a lot of bands living, The Growlers, Cosmonauts, Peach Kelli Pop, No Parents, Ty Segall, King Tuff, Stone Throw Records, Ariel Pink, a lot of LA artists…

x A lot of artists from San Francisco moved there too.

R : Yes like Ty, John Dwyer. John Dwyer is really cool, he likes us a lot. He heard Unkle Funkle first and he immediately understood all the Ween and Frank Zappa vibe we love, he got it.
Because like him, we write a lot of music, we write songs, pop songs and all kind of songs… He’s been really cool. Our friend Dan Rincon (Apache, Personal and the Pizzas…) actually plays drums for Thee Oh Sees now…

x Do you consider it as kind of a new artistic place there ? All these former DIY artists living in the same neighborhood ? Like a bunch of friends ?

R : A lot of people are friends but it is also more like everybody is working on their stuff. Everybody kind of knows each other or recognizes each other. If you do something we’d say that’s cool you’re doing something, I’ll come watch you, or you’ll come watch me. Everybody’s not friend but they respect each other doing. It’s like work, not a question of love or friendship but not competition either. It’s a good vibe, pretty much like a party. Everybody is doing their thing.
Also a lot of people want to make it in LA, like get rich and famous. I don’t really care to be rich and famous but at the same time, I’m not playing music just to not have money.

We were at a party where Burger Records put the bands so a lot of friends of ours, and there were Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Lenny Kravitz... I’m not at the same level as them but they were right there. So you have this thing there, all that is happening around you, nobody is at the same level, but you see everybody, it is interesting.

Jimmy: The success is also a part of it (in LA), like people are proud if you succeed. If you do something good, people are like, oh yeah you did it.

R: : In Portland they don’t want you to succeed, they just want you to be DIY, or PC (politically correct). “Don’t say faggot, why do you say that, you are not joking, you can’t joke about that, there are rules about things you can’t just joke…”

Funkle: This is more or less like that everywhere, in Portland, it is more in the music scene.

R: A lot think that our esthetic is disrespecting but its freedom of choice. I haven’t really cared about punk rock in a long time even though we play in I guess a punk rock band but punk rock now is so much just like all rules. It’s like “fuck the fascists and nazis” but they thinks like fascists because for them it has to be this way and if you don’t do it, then you’re wrong and you’re the bad. It’s the same way of thinking but the characters are different.

x Do you miss Portland anyway ?

F: I miss the weather and the nature.

R : Same, I don’t really like the hot weather in LA. I like the raining and cold stuff like in Portland.

The second part of the interview is here : White Fang - The Bong Interview Bong Part 2.

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White Fang - L'interview Bong Partie 1

 English version here.

Les White Fang sont une bande de potes basés à Los Angeles, là où beaucoup de choses se passent en ce moment.
Rikky, Funkle, Jimmy et Izak et leur allure de freaks bien hauts perchés cachent une boulimie artistique assez fascinante dont on ne pourra certainement jamais cerner les limites.
Car White Fang, qui compte déjà plusieurs excellents albums à son actif, n’est qu’une facette de leurs nombreuses activités et projets.

Au centre de tout ça, il y a Gnar Tapes. Ce label de cassettes qu’ils ont créé ensemble, est le laboratoire de leurs différentes folies. On pourrait résumer leur œuvre par une notion de pop music totale. Chaque membre y a son ou ses projets : White Fang et son gros rock débile et cinglé, The Memories et ses chansons d’amour qui vont droit au cœur, Free Weed, l’incarnation de Rikky et ses comptines sexy et enfumées, Unkle Funkle et son inclassable dance music, Jerry Rogers et sa touchante pop lo-fi, Skinny Jesus et son trap allumé etc…. avec comme thèmes récurrents, faire la fête, prendre du bon temps et fumer le plus de weed possible.

Ça sonne cliché comme ça mais c’est pourtant le cas. Assumés et sans concessions, ces dadaïstes west coast sont vrais avec pour seules motivations : faire de la bonne musique et se marrer tout en proposant un show ahurissant.

Car qui n’a pas vu White Fang en concert ne pourra jamais comprendre. Ennemis de la morosité, performers non égalés, ils embarquent à chaque fois le public dans leur délires hilarants et absurdes, souvent à moitié à poil, en envoyant leurs tubes à fond la caisse (Bud Light, Bong Rip, Bad Boy …), et ça prend, bien évidemment. Un pur Entertainment à l’américaine qu’ils maitrisent tellement que c’en est captivant. D’autant plus que sous leurs airs d’hurluberlus, ces mecs là ont un don inné pour le songwriting. Peu importe où ça les mènera, on les suivra.

On a pu rencontrer la fine équipe avant leur show de Hambourg où ils ont retourné le Molotow. D’ailleurs on ne pouvait que s’en douter vu leurs exigences de leur rider de tournée : HOSPITALITY RIDER WEED BOOZE SNACKS TOBACCO SOCKS UNDERWEAR TOWELS WATER CANDY CONDOMS TOYS/GAMES DRUGS

Au passage, on remercie les très bons locaux Dolphin Lovers qui avaient préparé le terrain avant la tornade et Wild Wax Shows comme toujours pour la belle programmation.

Pour informations, White Fang est actuellement en tournée en Europe, à ne manquer sous aucun prétexte, et leur dernier album, Chunks, est sorti il y a quelques mois chez Burger Records

x Bien arrivés en Europe ?

Rikky : Oui, c’est notre 3ème tournée ici, la 2nde avec White Fang, l’an dernier on est venu avec The Memories.

Mon gros objectif, c’est d’avoir le plus de relations sexuelles possible, de rencontrer des jolies filles, et d’essayer d’être constamment stone, du mieux que je puisse faire, même si je sais que ça sera compliqué dans certains endroits.
Mais la chose la plus importante, ça sera de fesser des culs chaque soir. Et que le public, face aux White Fang se dise : « Mais qu’est ce que c’est que ce truc ! »

x Vous venez tous de Portland ?

R : Oui, on a tous grandi à Portland, on se connaît depuis qu’on est petit et on a tous déménagé à LA depuis 2 ans et demi maintenant.
Portland était en train de changer, devenait cher, et puis on avait tous 25 ans, jamais vécu autre part, on est parti au bon moment, tout allait bien. Un peu comme au poker, ok, on a bien gagné, maintenant on est out!
Donc on s’est dit, allons dans une grande ville, ça va être n’importe quoi partout. Mais quelque part où on pourrait fumer de la weed et chiller, donc par exemple pas à New York où tout est si cher.
Et LA n’est pas trop loin de chez nous, il y a nos potes de Burger Records etc… En plus on venait à LA tous les mois pour jouer, alors qu’on ne jouait pratiquement jamais à Portland, donc se taper 15 heures de route pour chercher l’argent pour payer le loyer, on s’est dit que ça serait plus logique de venir vivre ici.

Enfin, à ce moment là, Bobby Harlow (The Go) ouvrait son studio, le Studio B et voulait enregistrer White Fang. Depuis, Bobby est parti pour d’autres projets et on a repris le studio, qu’on a renommé Studio G, c’est là qu’on vit et travaille maintenant. Mais à l’époque on était sans domicile, en gros on couchait avec les filles qui voulaient bien nous héberger.

x Donc, vous avez enregistré votre dernier album Chunks, avec Bobby Harlow (des cultes The Go):

R : Oui, c’était l’idée de Bobby et on en est fiers. Le prochain sera probablement produit par ses soins, même s‘il sera le premier surpris à lire ça !
Mais bon, je suis sur qu’il le fera. On fera une version démo et s’il ne veut pas le produire, et bien on ira voir plus gros, Butch Vig tiens ! « Butch, écoute bien, White Fang est chaud pour que tu fasses le boulot, on y va mec ! Toi ou Bobby ! »

x Vous avez sorti ça chez Burger Records avec qui vous êtes assez liés ?

R : On les connaît depuis un moment, via notre label Gnar Tapes, qui fut la 1ère connexion. Ils se sont intéressés à nos différents groupes The Memories, Unkle Funkle, White Fang, Free Weed, pour lesquels ils ont sorti des cassettes.
Ça nous a apporté beaucoup de fans, notamment à LA, car tous les kids qui aiment Burger ont pu nous connaître et venaient à nos shows.
Donc au fur et à mesure, on est devenu amis avec les mecs de Burger et après avoir déménagé ici et repris le studio, on avait cet endroit et on s’est dit, « on veut ouvrir un magasin de disques, les mecs ça vous dit? » Ils ont répondu, « Wow, ça paraît dingue, un autre magasin (cf. l’original Burger Records), c’est pas mal de boulot, vous savez dans quoi vous vous lancez les gars ? » Nous : « Pas vraiment, mais quand même ! ». Donc voilà, maintenant ça fait un an que le Gnar Burger est ouvert tous les jours.

x Los Angeles, c’est maintenant votre QG ?

R : Oui ! Et tout le monde vit dans notre quartier ou pas loin. Danny des Together Pangea et Lukas qui joue dans The Memories vivent ensemble, c’est là que je me douche car il n’y en a pas dans le studio.
Et à 3,4 km il y en a plein d’autres, The Growlers, Cosmonauts, Peach Kelli Pop, No Parents, Ty Segall, King Tuff, Stone Throw Records, Ariel Pink, beaucoup d’artistes de LA vivent dans le coin…

x Il y en a pas mal qui étaient à San Francisco avant ?

R : Oui, Ty, John Dwyer... D’ailleurs John Dwyer est vraiment cool, il nous aime bien. Il a découvert Unkle Funkle d’abord, et il a complètement compris notre délire, nos trucs à la Frank Zappa et Ween, il a tout de suite capté. Et puis, comme lui, on écrit beaucoup de musique, de chansons, des chansons pop ou peu importe. D’ailleurs notre pote Dan Rincon (Apache, Personal and the Pizzas…) joue la batterie avec Thee Oh Sees.

x C’est une sorte de nouvelle place artistique américaine ce qui se passe à LA ? Tous ces artistes issus de la scène DIY qui vivent dans le même quartier, comme une bande de potes ?

R : Il y a pas mal d’amis oui mais c’est plutôt en mode, tout le monde bosse sur son propre truc. Evidemment, on se connaît plus où moins tous ou on se reconnaît, si quelqu’un fait quelque chose, on va lui dire, c’est cool, je vais venir te voir, ou tu vas venir me voir. Donc tout le monde n’est pas ami mais respecte ce que les autres font, donc il n’y a pas spécialement cette notion d’amitié mais il n’y a pas non plus de compétition. C’est plutôt bon esprit, un peu comme une grosse fête où chacun fait son truc.
Après tu as ce truc à LA, ou beaucoup viennent ici pour devenir riche et célèbre. Je m’en fous un peu de devenir riche ou célèbre mais j’ai quand même envie de pouvoir faire mes choses sans être trop sans le sou.

Par exemple on s’est retrouvé à cette soirée, où Burger avait programmé des groupes, donc pas mal d’amis jouaient, et à cette fête, il y avait Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Lenny Kravitz etc… Bon on n’est pas du tout du même monde mais ils étaient là. Tu as ce truc à LA, personne n’est au même niveau mais tu vois tout le monde, c’est marrant.

Jimmy: Le succès ça fait partie du truc aussi ici (Los Angeles), les gens sont plutôt fiers et content pour toi si tu réussis.

R: À Portland, ils ne veulent pas que tu réussisses, ils veulent que tu restes DIY, politiquement correct. “Tu peux pas dire tarlouze, pourquoi tu dis ça, ce n’est pas drôle, tu ne peux pas blaguer sur ça, il y a des règles par rapport aux choses sur lesquelles on ne peut pas rire…”

Funkle: C’est plus ou moins comme ça partout, mais peut-être plus comme ça dans la scène musicale de Portland.

R: Là bas il y en a beaucoup qui pensent que notre esthétique est irrespectueuse, mais c’est notre liberté de choix.
Je n’écoute plus trop de punk rock depuis un moment, même si on joue dans un groupe qui sonne comme ça mais le punk rock, on dirait que c’est uniquement des règles. Du genre “ on emmerde les fascistes et les nazis” mais ils pensent comme des fascistes car pour eux il faut faire comme ça et si tu ne fais pas comme ça, ça veut dire que tu as tort et que tu es mauvais…

x Ça vous manque quand même un peu Portland?

F: Le temps et la nature me manquent.

R : Pareil, je n’aime pas trop la chaleur à Los Angeles, j’aime bien quand il pleut et qu’il fait plus froid, comme à Portland.

La suite et fin de l'interview par ici : White Fang - L'interview Bong Partie 2.

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White Fang - L'interview Bong Partie 2

 English version here.

Et voici ci-dessous la 2ème partie et fin de notre rencontre avec les White Fang. Si vous avez loupé la 1ère, c’est ici.

Pour informations, White Fang est actuellement en tournée en Europe, à ne manquer sous aucun prétexte, et leur dernier album, Chunks, est sorti il y a quelques mois chez Burger Records

x À propos de White Fang, vous vous décrivez comme : “It’s about partying and being wild and free. (White Fang, c'est faire la fête, être sauvages et libres)”

Rikky: On fait les choses sérieusement, mais on ne se prend pas trop au sérieux. On paie notre manager, on organise les tournée, on ne fait pas que vomir par terre et se rétamer dans les escaliers ou autre. Bon, ok on fait ça aussi. Mais pour en venir au fait, je pense qu’il manque quelque chose dans la musique rock “formelle”.

x Comment ça ?

R : J’écoute beaucoup plus de rap et de dance music que de musique à guitare, même si il a plein de groupes que j’apprécie. Mais il y en a quand même peu aujourd’hui, car c’est comme devenu un job sérieux pour certains. Tu as les discours à la Pitchfork “ce mec a écrit la plus belle chanson de cette génération, j’en tombe des nues, et je sens tellement l’émotion de quand j’ai tout perdu quand je t’ai perdu toi…” Non mais c’est quoi ce délire???
Où sont passé les trucs à la Twisted Sisters, les Mötley Crüe - Girls Girls Girls, ou Poison, Unskinny bop bop!!! Tu le trouves où le fun et le show maintenant?
Les groupes fun sont bons aussi! On se prend au sérieux pour pouvoir être bons, et ne pas faire perdre leur temps aux gens.
Et on ne veut pas être les mecs en veste en cuir, bien foutus avec la bonne coupe de cheveux, qui ont le look cool à n’importe quelle heure de la journée : “ Il faut que je la joue cool, à la Joy Division, comme Marc Bolan ou à la mode 60’s, ou peu importe ton trip”.
Moi je suis dans le moment présent et je n’aime pas vivre dans le passé. Et je pense que la plupart de la musique rock est trop nostalgique. Les gens veulent trop s’inspirer de quelque chose qui était super cool à une époque, comme s’ils voulaient tellement en faire partie qu’ils se persuadent qu’ils en sont maintenant.

x Et donc votre façon de voir la musique ?

R : Ne pas avoir qu’une seule facette. C’est important car tu ne peux pas juste prétendre à une seule chose. Et j’aime tellement la musique que je veux pouvoir en faire ce que je veux et ne me limiter à rien !
Si tu aimes vraiment la musique, si tu veux faire passer ça à ton public, ce n’est pas une question de genre, c’est tout ce que la musique représente, et tu dois être ouvert à tout ce qui se fait. Même si tu n’aimes pas, réécoute, dans un an, tu verras, tu l’entendras complètement différemment.

J’ai eu une grosse période Britney Spears, puis je suis passé à Slayer, puis Ween, puis Young Thug etc… J’aime tout moi. Il y a beaucoup de gens dans le rock, ils ont un uniforme, un look, comme un gothique, un punk, un métalleux, et la musique est pareil, mais ça en devient un accessoire pour le look, comme un bracelet ou un collier, un accessoire pour le style qu’ils ont déjà. Et au final, la musique n’est pas la chose la plus importante pour eux.

Funkle : Je pense que les gens sont complexés de paraitre stupide, c’est le gros point. Quand ils marchent dans la rue, à chaque pas à se demander « est ce que je suis bien, est ce que je parais bien, est ce que je parais bien… » On n’a pas le temps pour ça dans la vie mec!

R : Voilà, et tu te retrouves sur ton lit de mort à finir par te dire « j’ai tout raté ». Ma philosophie, c’est juste de me dire, vis ta vie sur le moment, tout en prenant le temps de méditer sur toi, tes objectifs, tes propres limites, et avec ça, tu peux foncer, suivre ton instinct. Et si à travers tout ça tu restes quelqu’un de bien, il n’y a aucune raison pour que ça emmerde quelqu’un d’autre.

Après, sur la musique en général, je trouve ça assez excitant car les choses se passent plutôt bien en ce moment mais je pense que le meilleur est à venir. Il a plein de jeunes qui vont sortir des choses vraiment cool.
Et j’ai une grande croyance dans le songwriting. Je pense que la musique rock peut faire se tourner les gens de nouveau vers les textes, enfin dans une certaine mesure.
Mais bon, qui sait, en fait j’en sais rien, je suis juste un fumeur de weed.

x Et tiens, ça vous fait peur tout ce four autour de Trump ?

R : Mmm, non, je pense que quiconque sera élu, ça aura déjà été décidé, c’est comme la WWF.
Mais il n’y a pas grand-chose à craindre.
F : Je pense que le futur semble assez sombre, pour pleins de raisons mais ça n’a pas de lien avec ce naze de Trump ou un autre.
R : Le vrai problème, c’est la richesse des gens, et la répression, et les faibles.
F : Et toutes ces firmes diaboliques qui dirigent le monde.
R : Les banques ont déjà choisi un président.
F : Et si seulement être président ça changeait quelque chose…
R : Ce ne sont que des distractions. Quand on était au Brésil il y a quelques semaines, les gens étaient dans la rue pour virer la présidente, c’était fou, avec des émeutes partout. En ce moment, ils ont bloqué Whatsapp là bas. Ils ont dépensé tout l’argent du pays pour ces putains de jeux Olympiques alors qu’il y a des ponts qui s’effondrent…
Ils veulent que tu pense à Donald Trump, ils ne veulent pas que tu penses à ce qui se passe vraiment, comme les gens qui meurent ou crèvent la dalle car le gouvernement fait n’importe quoi. Trump n’est pas le problème, ce sont les gens qui l’écoutent. C’est comme American Idol, mais en vrai, c’est flippant.

x Quelques mots sur vos autres projets et leur évolution ? Unkle Funkle, Free Weed, Jerry Rogers, The Memories

R : Concernant White Fang, on va rester sur l’idée d’être stupides mais avec plus de fond. Notre prochain album, et les nouvelles chansons qu’on est en train d’écrire seront tout aussi stupides mais aussi plus politiques. Ça prendra plus de sens si tu lis les textes, mais comment dire, sur le fait de grandir, d’évoluer dans un endroit fermé, dans une boite, et pouvoir en sortir, et d’avoir le choix de tout ça. Toutes les merdes qui se passent dans le monde, on en est conscient, mais à côté de ça, moi je suis dans mon van avec mon groupe à me bourrer la gueule avec mon gros bide. Cette dualité là, du fait qu’il y a aussi une raison à notre stupidité, c’est une façon de voir les choses. C’est la nature de White Fang.

The Memories, c’est assez ouvert. Je pense qu’on va de plus en plus jammer. On va aussi travailler pas mal de chansons de nos albums qu’on a jamais joué en live, et aller vers un truc à la Grateful Dead, pas musicalement, mais pour le côté libre.

Et pour Free Weed, j’écris plus de dance music, Funkle produit et j’écris et chante, avec comme thème le sexe, et la répression qu’il y a autour, comment ça créé des déviances, et pourquoi la liberté sexuelle est une bonne chose.

F : Unkle Funkle : Je viens juste de sortir mon nouvel album donc je me sens assez libre de l’amener vers une autre direction artistique. J’aime bien l’idée de pouvoir former un groupe autour de ça, et donc d’avoir un autre regard sur mes compositions. Si tu écoutes la plupart de mon travail, c’est de la dance music, c’est une route que j’ai pris assez doucement, en termes de production. J’ai aussi envie de produire et d’écrire pour d’autres artistes à LA ou ailleurs. Et j’ai ce nouveau projet avec Colleen Green d’ailleurs, une collaboration, plutôt assez dansante.

J : Jerry Rogers : J’ai presque fini mon nouvel album, qui sera dans un trip un peu hippie, avec des chansons à propos de tout et n’importe quoi, mais de façon simple et jolie, comme moi coincé sur une île par exemple. Je pense que ça sera prêt pour la fin de l’été.

x Au fait, vous avez fumé de la weed avec Justin Bieber ?

R : nooon, j’ai même pas pu lui parler malheureusement.
J : J’ai un pote qui a pissé à côté de lui.
R : Et ? petite zizi de bébé (little baby dick) ?

x Bonus Free Weed :

Rikky : J’ai du essayer toutes les weed les plus chères de la plupart des coffee shop d’Amsterdam, et je peux te dire qu’il n’y en avait aucune qui se rapprochait de celles de LA, même si elles restent bonnes en Hollande. À LA, c’en est arrivé à un point ou c’est tellement devenu une grosse industrie, qui brasse beaucoup d’argent. Tu as tous ces scientifiques fous qui se tirent la bourre pour produire le meilleur produit. Dans beaucoup de shop, ils doivent préciser le pourcentage de THC, en général c’est autour de 25% pour 10 dollars le gramme et c’est définitivement ce qui se fait de mieux. Si tu prends les classements de High Times magazine, à chaque fois la meilleur weed du monde vient de LA ou d’Oregon, jamais de Hollande. Peut-être qu’il y en a de la bonne là-bas mais ça doit plus se trouver en banlieue ou dans les petit coffee shop. Dans les endroits touristiques je pense qu’intentionnellement, ils ne proposent pas les plus fortes, histoire de ne pas se retrouver emmerdés avec des touristes complètement défoncés.


Merci aux White Fang, pour leur gentillesse et leur bonne humeur. 
Retrouvez-les en tournée et sur le web et vous pouvez relire la première partie de l'interview ici.
Merci également à Wild Wax Shows et Dolphin Lovers

B. / FGC 

mardi 15 décembre 2015

Foggy Girls Club's Merry Best Of 2015 - Die große Liste


Here is our " große " list for the end of the year! Now you know what to buy for Xmas or for a spontaneous gift.
2015 has been a pretty weird year, but music, art and fun are still there.
A big "thanks" and kisses to all the people who have been involved in that and see you in 2016.

Keep the faith and PEACE AND LOVE.

The Foggy Girls Club

Et voici, notre grosse liste de fin d’année, très utile pour faire des cadeaux de noël ou spontanés.
2015 fut assez bizarre pour nous tous, mais on continue à vivre en musique et pour rigoler.
Un gros merci et des bisous à tous, gardez la foi et PEACE AND LOVE

Le Foggy Girls Club.

Anna - WAE // Howlin Banana Records

Bachelor Pad - Bachelor Pad Is For The People // Self released

Black Time - Black Time - Aerial Gobs Of Love (LJUD1201) // Förbjudna Ljud

Boy Head - Boy Head EP // Danger Collective Records

Brain Traps - S/T LP // Alien Snatch Records

Canyon Spree - Garden of Evil // Azbin Records

Cheap Riot - Ballroom Portraits // Requiem Pour Un Twister

Chocolat - TSS TSS // Born Bad Records

Chook Race - About Time // Self released

Damaged Bug - Cold Hot Plumbs // Castle Face Records

Danny Kroha - Angels Watching Over Me // Third Man Records

Dead Ghosts - Love And Death And All The Rest // Burger Records

Dick Diver - Melbourne, Florida // Chapter Music

Dirty Fences - Full Tramp // Slovenly Recording

Dividers - FourWalls Farewell // Casbah Records

Dolphin Lovers - Dolphin Lovers EP // La Pochette Surprise Records

DRINKS - Hermits On Holiday // Heavenly / Birth Records

Eddy Crampes - La MOSTLA de Noel d'Eddy Crampes // La Souterraine

EZTV - Calling Out // Captured Tracks

Free Weed - Introducing // Bad Diet

Froth - Bleak // Azbin Records / Frantic-City

Fuzz - II // In The Red Records

Guantanamo Baywatch - Darling... It's Too Late // Suicide Squeeze

Hierophants - Parallax Error // Aarght Records / Goner Records

Homeshake - Midnight Snack // Sinderlyn

Institute - Catharsis // Sacred Bones Records

Jack Name - Weird Moons // Castle Face Records

Jaromil Sabor & Precheur Loup - You shall use your time​.​.​. And your mama's too CS // Frantic City Records

Jean-Pierre Decerf - Space Oddities 1975-1978 // Born Bad Records

Jessica Pratt - On Your Own Love Again // Drag City

Juan Wauters - Who Me? // Captured Tracks

Kaviar Special / Regal - 12" Split // Beast Records

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly // Top Dawg Entertainment

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Paper Maché Dream Balloon / Quarters // ATO Records / Castle Face Records

Küken - Küken // Bachelor Records

L A N D L I N E S - Log Out, Tune Up, Drop Dead // Mt. St. Mtn

La Luz - Weirdo Shrine // Hardly Art

Lucern Raze - Stockholm One // PNKSLM

Magic and Naked - Magic and Naked LP // Casbah Records

Marie Davidson - Un Autre Voyage // HOLODECK

MARIETTA - Basement dreams are the Bedroom Cream // Born Bad Records

Michael Rault - Living Daylight // Burger Records

Mild High Club - Timeline // Stones Throw

Peacers - Peacers // Drag City

Pierre et Bastien - Greatest Hits // Frantic City Records

Ponctuation - La réalité nous suffit // Casbah Records

POW! - Fight Fire // Castle Face Records

Qúetzal Snåkes - II // Eighteen Records

Regal - Two Cycles & A Little More // Born Bad Records

Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles - Oh Man, Cover the Ground // Suicide Squeeze

Skeptics - Open Sea // Frantic City Records

Sonny & The Sunsets - Talent Night at the Ashram // Polyvinyl

Surf Friends - Dreams Are Real - EP // Flying Nun Records

The Blank Tapes - Sha-La-Love // Self released

The Blind Shake - Live In San Francisco // Castle Face Records

The Cairo Gang - Goes Missing // Drag City

The Intelligence - Vintage Future // In The Red Records

The King Khan & BBQ Show - Bad News Boys // In The Red Records

The Living Eyes - Living Large // Anti Fade Records

The Madcaps - The Madcaps LP // Beast Records / Howlin Banana

The Mantles - All Odds End // Slumberland

The Memories - Home Style // Randy Records

The Prefab Messiahs - Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive // Burger Records

The Sandwitches - Our Toast // Empty Cellar Records

Thee Oh Sees - Mutilator Defeated At Last // Castle Face Records

Ty Segall - Mr. Face EP // Famous Class

Ultimate Painting - Green Lanes // Trouble In Mind Records

VA Ace Records - Keep a Hold On Him! More Garpax Girls // Ace Records

VA Crypt Records - Back from the Grave Vol. 9 - 10 // Crypt Records

VA Retard Records - Blood Visions By Retard Records & Friends - Tribute to Jay Reatard // Retard Records

VA Ace Records - Bobby Gillespie Presents Sunday Morning Comin' Down // Ace Records

VA La Souterraine - La Souterraine Vol.7 // La Souterraine

VA Soul Jazz - Punk 45: Extermination Nights in the Sixth City - Cleveland, Ohio: Punk and the Decline of the Mid-West 1975-1982 // Soul Jazz Records

VA Soul Jazz - Studio One Jump Up - The Birth of a Sound: Jump-Up Jamaican R&B // Soul Jazz Records

VA Ace Records - Unlock the Lock: The Kent Records Story 1958-1962, vol 1 // Ace Records

VA Retard Records - World War III compilation // Retard Records

Venera 4 - Eidôlon // Requiem Pour Un Twister

W-X - W-X // Castle Face Records

Walburga - 13 Minutes With // Gone With the Weed

Warm Soda - Symbolic Dream // Castle Face Records

White Fang - Chunks // Burger Records

White Poppy - Natural Phenomena // Not Not Fun Records

Wild Raccoon - Mount Break // Howlin Banana Records

Woollen Kits - Girl With Heart 7" // Self released


jeudi 25 juin 2015

Chook Race - Foggyview (english)

Version française.

Our first encounter with Chook Race dates back a few years ago via the compilation, New Centre of Universe Vol.1 (Antifade 2012), which featured most of the best australian rock bands.
This comp and its sequel (Vol.2), gradually emerged as essential on our turntables as it is an incredible summary of this current and prolific scene.
Since then, we’re digging the various discographies and universes of these bands because we have to face the facts : the underground aussie scene always gave us plenty of astounding bands.
We can go back to the Saints and Radio Birdman, The Clean (for New Zealand and of course, all the Flying Nun Records’galaxy) and their huge influence, then more recently Eddy Current Suppression Ring, UV Race and all their offsprings, Dick Diver, King Gizzard, Frowning Clouds, Living Eyes, Straight Arrows, Bachelor Pad etc. The list is too long...
Also, none of them is a poor copy of the other, which makes all that more and more interesting.

But back to our topic and let’s focus on Chook Race, a trio based in Melbourne, Australia and formed by Carolyn, Rob and Matt. They released, few months ago, their 1st LP, About Time, a tiny gem of jangle pop rock, which takes them away from their more garage débuts, but turned out to be a true delight.
It tells about time. Past times for the obvious filiation with the english pop of the 80/90’s, C86, (the opening track Dentists, makes us think of the eponym band of these times), or american (the Feelies and present times, with modern melancholic melodies and others future thoughts. But this is not necessarily sad, rather warm and comforting. Musical ingenuousness : where the energy alternates with intimate moments (Always on time, Good for me ...), and where Carolyn and Matt’s voices cross each others on ardent guitar riffs and other instrumental and exalted rises (Clever, Outbound, Tables turned ...), resulting in many precious and endearing songs.

So we absolutely advise you to listen to or get this great album, masterised by Mikey Young (ex Eddy Current), who is always around the good things. And also, for information, this will be logically reissued soon by our compatriots from Beko Disques. Great new!

Matt kindly answered to some of our questions :

"Hi, my name is Matthew. I play guitar and share the vocal duties in a band called Chook Race. We come from Melbourne, Australia. It's a cold Thursday evening in Melbourne. I am taking advantage of my empty share house by rugging up in front of the fire place and roasting some chestnuts. Everyone has their own way of preparing chestnuts for roasting, me I like to cut an 'X' into them before placing them in the fire. The shell becomes really easy to peel that way. I think I'll bake some potatoes for dinner tonight."

x What is your definition of rock and roll or music ?

I try not to think too hard about music - although this can be difficult when you think too hard about everything. Although my family is not at all musical, I have always had a guitar close by. This isn't really answering your question...

x A picture ?

Since high school I have been fascinated by the 'blackboard paintings' the American artist Cy Twombly produced between 1966-1971. There is something beautiful about the fluidity of his gestures captured so vividly in such high contrast.

x Worst nightmare ?

In the past I would occasionally suffer from what I later understood to be sleep paralysis. I would frantically try and wake myself from my sleep knowing that I am dreaming however my entire body would be paralysed. I found it terrifying. In the worst cases I tried so desperately to wake myself that I would just find myself in a parallel dream, the paralysis still intact!

x The place you enjoy the most ?

I have a love for wild landscapes, I derive much joy from observing the natural order of things. So many beautiful little details become apparent if you can give nature your full attention and patience.

x A quote :

... Simplicité, Simplicité. (... Simplify, Simplify.) Henry David Thoreau

x Discography :

- Split K7 with Bad Aches (Self-released 2011)

- Chook Race 7” (Self-released 2012)

- New Centre of the Universe vol. 1 compilation (Antifade Records 2012)

- Power Nap K7 (Antifade Records 2013)

- Split 7" with Unity Floors (Mystic Olympic Records 2014)

- About Time LP (Self-released 02/2015) + soon Reissue via Beko Disques ?

- Compilation Beko "Oz do it better vol.2" 2015

- " We are working on writing and recording new material for a release this year. "

B. - FGC.


Chook Race - Foggyview

English version here.

Notre premier contact avec Chook Race (“Course de poulet”) remonte à quelques années via une compilation, New Centre of Universe (Antifade 2012), qui regroupait la plupart des bons groupes de rock établis en Australie.
Celle-ci et son 2ème volume se sont peu à peu rendues indispensables, persistant à tourner encore et encore sur nos platines tant on y trouve un condensé terriblement bon de cette scène actuelle, foisonnante et lointaine.
Depuis, on creuse les différentes discographies et univers de tous ces groupes car il faut se rendre à l’évidence, le rock underground kangourou nous a toujours offert un bon nombre de formations meilleures les unes que les autres.
On peut remonter aux Saints et Radio Birdman, The Clean (pour la Nouvelle Zélande et bien évidemment toute la galaxie Flying Nun Records) et leur influence immense et puis plus récemment Eddy Current Suppression Ring, UV Race et leurs nombreux rejetons, Dick Diver, King Gizzard, Frowning Clouds, Living Eyes, Straight Arrows, Bachelor Pad etc... la liste est tellement longue!
Et puis, aucun d’entre eux n’est une pale copie de l’autre, ce qui les rend d’autant plus intéressants.

Mais revenons à nos moutons, ou plutôt à nos poules, et concentrons nous sur les Chook Race, trio composé de Carolyn, Rob et Matt et originaire de Melbourne. Ils viennent de sortir il y a quelques mois leur 1er LP, About Time, petit bijou de jangle pop rock qui les éloigne de leurs début plus garageux mais se révèle un peu plus comme une belle claque à chaque écoute.
Ça parle de temps, passé, pour la filiation évidente avec la pop anglaise des 80/90’s, C86, (d’autant que la chanson d’ouverture Dentists nous renvoie évidemment au groupe éponyme de cette époque) ou américaine (The Feelies), avec des mélodies mélancoliques transposées au temps présent et autres réflexions futures. Mais rien de triste pour autant. Plutôt chaleureux et rassurant. 
Candeur musicale, où l’énergie alterne avec des moments plus intimes (Always on time, Good for me...), et où les voix masculines et féminines se croisent sur des riffs ardents et autres montées instrumentales exaltées (Clever, Outbound, Tables Turned...), autant de précieuses chansons attachantes.

On vous conseille donc absolument d’écouter et de vous procurer ce bel album, masterisé par Mikey Young (ex Eddy Current), toujours dans les bons coups, et qui pour information va logiquement être réédité par nos compatriotes de Beko Disques. Excellent choix.

Matt a gentiment répondu à quelques questions :

"Salut, je m’appelle Matthew. Je joue de la guitare et partage le chant dans le groupe Chook Race. Nous venons de Melbourne en Australie. En ce moment même, on est jeudi soir et il fait frais à Melbourne. Je suis à la maison et profite de l’absence de mes colocs pour me poser, emmitouflé devant la cheminée, à me faire griller des châtaignes. Chacun a sa technique pour faire griller ses châtaignes, la mienne est d’inciser un X sur chacune avant de les placer dans le feu. Cela permet de retirer la coque très facilement, une fois prêtes. Je pense aussi que je vais faire cuire des patates pour ce soir."

x Votre définition du rock and roll ou de la musique ?

J’essaie de ne pas penser trop fort à la musique – Ce qui est un peu compliqué quand, de manière générale, on pense un peu trop à tout! Bien que ma famille ne s’intéresse pas du tout à la musique, j’ai toujours eu une guitare près de moi. Ça ne répond pas vraiment à la question...

x Une image ?

Depuis le lycée, je suis fasciné par la série „ Black Board Paintings“ de l’artiste américain Cy Twombly, qu’il a produite entre 1966 et 1971. Il y a quelque chose de magnifique qui se dégage de la fluidité de ses mouvements, parfaitement captés grâce à un si grand contraste.

x Pire cauchemar ?

Dans le passé, j’ai occasionnellement souffert de ce que j’ai compris plus tard être la paralysie du sommeil. C’est vraiment effrayant. Dans le pire des cas, j’essayais désespérément de me réveiller, pour ne seulement me réveiller qu’en rêve, dans un autre rêve, et moi toujours paralysé!

x Un endroit préféré ?

J’adore les grand paysages sauvages et je prends beaucoup de plaisir à observer l’ordre naturel des choses. Quand tu concentres toute ton attention et ta patience sur la nature, il y a tellement de superbes et minuscules détails qui en ressortent.

x Une citation :

... Simplicité, Simplicité. (... Simplify, Simplify.) Henry David Thoreau

x Discographie :

- Split K7 with Bad Aches (Self-released 2011)

- Chook Race 7” (Self-released 2012)

- New Centre of the Universe vol. 1 compilation (Antifade Records 2012)

- Power Nap K7 (Antifade Records 2013)

- Split 7" with Unity Floors (Mystic Olympic Records 2014)

- About Time LP (Self-released 02/2015) + soon Reissue via Beko Disques ?

- Compilation Beko "Oz do it better vol.2" 2015

- " On travaille actuellement à l'écriture et l'enregistrement de nouvelles choses qu'on sortira cette année. "

B. - FGC.


samedi 28 mars 2015

Regal - Two Cycles and a Little More - The Lost Interview (eng)

Version française ici.

" Two Cycles And A Little More ", here we go, the third album from Regal is out these days after a making full of pitfalls, as their first recordings had been lost on the way.

And it was worth waiting for as it is a truly strong and beautiful record that the french rock and roll troubadours are presenting. The will to come through a new step is totally assumed, thanks to a cleaner production which shines their songs at their best glare.

It’s was in 2011, with their first record, Possible Ending (Frantic City / Azbin), that Regal catapulted us in their fresh, young and rough universe. Then, the signs of a certain melodic talent were quickly confirmed on their 2nd LP, Misery, Redemption And Love (Azbin Records 2012), where the profoundness of their compositions takes on its full meaning.

" Two Cycles And A Little More " new album and 12 slaps to our faces, from ballads (Yaking Life, Inconstant Time feat. Paula JC Satàn…), to pure rock gems (Each To Their Own, Tar Rush etc... ) where you meet some violins, banjos, choir and other electric charges.

What we love in Regal’s music, it’s this ability to take our guts under a garage rock not as simplistic as it seems. The intransigence at the service of harmony. They’re capable of bringing us higher and further, with their tense and naïve energy, and by their thrilled rises, which make their melody tremendously touching.
It is rare to meet this kind of emotions through songs and we can also think of bands like Demon’s Claws, Country Teasers (that they’re covering Mos Eisley), Grass Widow etc… Who also, in their own way, succeeded at making us feel like that.
There is always this permanent dialog between the two guitars, which criss-cross, argue, answer to each other, along with these voices, sometime confident, sometime quavering. Then, without going into a deep analysis of the lyrics, we were touched anyway by the inspirations led by the themes of the songs, among joy, doubt, euphoria, wrath, passion, dream etc… our youth and life actually.
This is a significant record, and we’re glad that Born Bad Records is releasing it, and we hope it will get them the recognition they deserve.

Finally, it is important to mention that Regal members are hanging around since years now in the talented French DIY scene. The Regal galaxy is, between others, some ex and other bands, like Last Rapes Of Mr Teach, Strange Hands, Animal Trophies, The Skeptics, le Pécheur, Yak, Sapin... some labels like Azbin Records (run by Xavier from the band), Frantic City Records, some comic with Collectif Arbitraire, etc… it would be too long to list everybody as everything is linked but you should definitively dig into all that.

It is now time for the interview we did last year. We met the young lads during their European tour, for the Hamburg’s concert at Komet (22/05/2014).
At this occasion, we decided to take inspiration from an absurd interview of the French odd philosopher BHL. Here we go and thanks to Regal !

- Regal, who are you ?

Xavier : We are 4 assholes : Xavier, Fadi, Antoine and Caelan. We met with Caelan on the internet, via World of Warcraft. We met Antoine because he is making great comics (Collectif Arbitraire, with Pier from Le Pécheur). And Fadi, it was by chance when we organized some gigs at our house in Belgium, La Barrière. I think it was in 2011 but we formed in Lyon (France).

- What links your new album with the previous ones ?

Caelan: There is a logical link of course but we’re always evolving. We spent a lot of time to do the first one (Possible Endings) as we had the songs since almost one year before recording, but at this time we weren’t really good musicians, we knew each other’s less well etc... But for the second one (Misery, Redemption and Love), we composed and recorded really quickly, for example most of the lyrics were written during the making so it makes it really spontaneous. On one hand I think it’s cool but on the other hand, when you play it over and over, we can say that we could have it done better, but nevermind.
X: For the new one, I really like to do something which sounds good, not like "Alright, we play garage, we don’t care if we play bad, this is garage, this is cool..."

- But I don’t consider you especially as a garage sounding band, it is a bit simplistic I think.

X: Yes, it is a vast term. For me garage is more a movement, you plug, play, you don’t give a fuck, sounds is shit, you don’t have good instruments, you don’t know how to play but you make music and it is cool. It’s more like a momentum / impetus. As we said, on the first album, we didn’t know how to play, I just started the guitar few months before and it was the same for Antoine on drums... But at one point, you have the ambition to sound well and clear, that’s also why you make music. We don’t want to get stuck in the lo-fi way of doing, even if it can be very good, some are doing that very well. I’m not saying that our previous material was shit or so, it’s just that it was our state of mind at that period, we did it spontaneously and for the next one we’d like it different.

- You’re living in the countryside, is it important for you and your music?

C: It is an individual question, and personally, I can’t live in a big city too long. I need nature, space, open space.
X: But the more you’re isolated from a city, the more it becomes DIY because you’re not in the circle, close to a scene or with people who are helping you etc... When you’re in Paris, you’ll do more events, gigs, meet people. In the countryside, you’ll meet 3 chickens and a goat, and they won’t help you to move forward. So it also becomes something where you’re on your own, and it takes more time...
C: Countryside brings you certainly more than city life. You’ve got space to rehearse, the daily life, what inspires you, the surrounding, it is different and I prefer that. It’s also easy to do nothing, and for me it is important to compose. You lose in terms of promotion but you win in terms of inspiration.

- I really consider your songs, as guts songs, they bring emotion, is it intentional ?

C: To go back to the source, me and Xavier, we started to play country together, like playing banjo, guitar, and only country or Irish songs. It is obvious that it is scented in our music, because we really like that and listen to that a lot.
In these musics, you also hear a lot of nuance and melodies. This is really something I like in music in general, the contrast, the shades, which can make a song rising, and at its peak, it can become like trance... So yes, it’s clear that we love country music and these stuff, like Country Teasers, Demon’s Claws, Hellshovel, it speaks to us. We really put effort in melodies. This is a true seeking, even if the basic emotion comes often from nowhere, spontaneously. And then we try to work it on to make it come out.
X: Anyhow, the best songs you write are the result of how you feel things. This is subconscious and unpredictable. We are more looking for the melody than the energy.
C : And when we find a song which makes you feel a certain emotion, we’ll try to get to the bottom of that...

- Do you run some parallel lives ?

Xavier: I’m one-legged protagonist for a choir in south of France.
Caelan: I'm manager in a nudist camp.
Fadi : I work in a factory like a basic worker.

- Your first memory ?

C : It was a concert in Budapest which was kind of our first official show. We were touring with Le Pécheur and Animal Trophies, and as there was everybody, we improvised a gig. It was funny and organized by nice people so it was a nice party.

- Were you a good boy ?

Antoine : I yes, but I don’t know for the others.
C: Yes but it depends on where and when. We are well behaved children but a bit moronic.

- As a child, what were you afraid of ?

C : Afraid of the death. I had this recurrent dream when I was young : I was beheaded by a sickle.
F : I was afraid to be naked in the playground.
X : To be an adult.

- Did your mother tell you " I love you " ?

Regal’s mother told him often " Get a real job ", but now she says " I love you ".

- What was your father doing ?

Regal’s father is maybe the Last Rapes of Mr Teach. Because, if they wouldn’t have collapsed at one point, maybe Regal wouldn't have lived. So he ended his life to give us life. And by the way, it also concerns Le Pécheur and Animal Trophies. So it came to 3 astounding bands !

- How did you earn your first money ?

Regal never earned money.

- What did you want to become ?

To tour in better conditions, and finally to mark a little bit the music world... the rock and roll dude ! But we never really told ourselves that we could make a living with that... We like to make music in some weird places, just have fun and that people would have a good time.

- The first love, when and with whom was it ?

It was with Melvyn from Strange Hands.
And also with JC Satàn, that we met at the Last Rapes era and that we keep hanging out with and having good time. I think the first love was the Bordeaux scene. Beyond that, we can say that Regal is loyal, but we keep ending sleeping with a lot of people. We give our love to a lot of people. But always safe love !

- What is your best quality ?

Well I don’t know, I think we’re honest, more honest than some others. We’re doing our thing honestly.

- Your biggest regret ?

X: To have wasted a lot of time.
C: No, it would be to have let our van without surveillance in Budapest the second time we went there.
X: No but no. Ok we got robbed, ok, we took shitty decisions but I really think our biggest regret is to have wasted too much time. We formed 3 years ago and we wasted too much time playing video games.
C: No I disagree.
X: Ok, well anyway we can’t agree on that one.

- Have you already stolen ? Do you remember when and what it was ?

X: A bottle in Freiburg, some cables, some jacks...
F: It was by mistake! So it doesn’t count...
C: So yes we steal but...
X : No but it’s only small things, like when we really need them. For example, at the beginning of a tour we had 2 electric cables, then after 4 gigs, one was missing so at the 5 gig, you see one, you take it. A: But our first quality is honesty !
X: But, I think we got robbed more than what we could steal...
C: Yes, we’re stealing nice and useful things... like babycats.
F: See? The babycat point softens everything.
C: Yes, now the interview is definitely more peaceful...

- Have you already killed ?

C : We killed some gigs yeah...
X: I guess we ran over some animals on the road, like one or 2 birds...
Ah, but also a venue. It was in Herselt (Belgium), we were playing and when I announced the last 2 songs, the guy told me "alright, as soon as you’re done we destroy everything". So we did it.

- If you were allowed to kill someone, who would that be ?

F: BHL I think.
C: No, he’s pretty with his clump.
X: Well nobody, we’re peaceful people, big hippies.

- Did you already lie to your life partner?

X: No, concerning that I think we’re honest to each others.

- With whom, would you like to have a good time ?

C: Gérard Depardieu.
X: We don’t need anybody to have good time ok?

- Who do you think is sexy ?

F: Amanda Lear.

- For who was your last kiss ?

The last kiss of Regal would be for the guys at the venue Le Parapluie National in Binche (Belgium). There were only 3 persons at the gig but it was awesome.

- The last time you cried, what was the reason ?

C: For our lost songs. The first recording of our 3d album disappeared, it was like born dead... So we cried a bit for that, in our heart.

- What are you suffering from ?

X: From alcoholism !
C: From Love !

- Were you already close to death ?

The death of Regal, never. The base is strong. Regal will carry on, and live long.

- Do you believe in god ?

Yes the religion of rock and beat! The religion of Love. This is what pushes us along, because we love each others. Fuck the gods. No god. No Money. No Limit. No god, no mattress.

- What is your little weakness ?

" Manjato el pani "

- 3 cultural items to bring on a desert island ?

Guitar, bass, drum.

- How much do you earn per year ?

Regal earns zero money per year but earns a lot of hope... like 1 billion hopes per year.

- Who are your true friends ?

We can’t name all our true friends so let says :
" All of you who are our true friends will recognize themselves... Big up for you guys. "

- What do you wish to your worst enemies ?

We wish them to stop stealing from us pedals, guitars and bass ! Come on, stop that, it really sucks.

- You only sleep few hours per night, but do you snore ?

X: Nobody snores here ok?
C: Let’s begin with the less worst who are Fadi and Antoine, they don’t really snore. But the others one, well...
X: Personally, if they can put me in another room, it is better for us. I snore like hell, and Caelan is beginning to do the same, the more he gets fat, the more he snores...

- Regal - " Two Cycles And A Little More " Born Bad Records

Thanks to Wild Wax Show for the gig and JL for the help.

B. / FGC